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Your Health & Safety is Our Top Priority

  1. Mangers and supervisors are required to monitor for communicable disease-related information from local regional public health officials and the provincial health officer related to the area and industry, and to follow that guidance and direction should additional measures be necessary in the workplace.

  2. If elevated risk of communicable disease, the managers are required to implement additional prevention measures advised by the health officer and update the new protocols and policies to the employees as soon as the measures are being developed.

  3. Staff members with COVID-19 symptoms and/or those who have been to an area of high risk for transmission are told not to come to work or to return home immediately and to practice self-isolation for 14 days.

  4. Patrons and visitors with COVID-19 symptoms are being identified before being seated and will be politely asked to leave.

  5. Managers are to closely monitor the number of guests enter and present on the premises and ensure the number does not exceed the maximum of 100 people by using tally counters and an online reservation system.

  6. Staff members, patrons, and visitors must follow social distancing requirements on the premises including common areas.

  7. Staff members are to ensure that patrons and visitors do not congregate in areas of the premises including common areas.

  8. Sufficient seating for the patrons, and patrons must be seated at all times, must not move from table to table.

  9. Staff members are to encourage patrons and visitors to follow social distancing reminder markers on the wall and floor and maintain a distance of two metres from other patrons.

  10. Staff members are to use contactless delivery, e-invoicing, and contactless payments with the customers and vendors when possible.

  11. Face mask is encouraged to be worn in the premises while not seated.

  12. Paper menus are provided to patrons only when online menus are not available and are to be sanitized after each use.

  13. Sufficient alcohol-based sanitizers and paper towels being provided within easy reach of tables and counters and sanitation area at the entrance.

  14. Staff members must perform regular hand washing with soap and water frequently, i.e. at the start and end of their shift, before eating, before and after breaks, after using the washroom, before and after food and drink preparation, etc.

  15. Staff members will be provided with regular breaks to use the cleaning facilities, particularly to allow them to wash their hands, and break times are to be staggered.

  16. Staff members are to ensure shared equipment and high-touch surfaces including, but not limited to, tables, counters, stools, couches, payment devices, keypads, door handles and doorknobs, refrigerator, coolers, electronics, remotes, light switches, and faucets, are sanitized and disinfected frequently.

  17. Managers are required to check if the nightly cleaning by the cleaning company is done thoroughly and properly.

  18. Staff members must collect the first and last name and telephone number or email address of one member of every party of patrons when making reservations or seating patrons and retain this information for thirty days, in case there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer. Patrons who refuse to provide the information will be politely asked to leave.

  19. Premise will close by 2:00 am on Sunday to Thursday; 3:00 am on Friday & Saturday, and staff members are to ensure that all patrons must vacate the premise.

  20. Managers are to ensure that background music and other background sounds from televisions and other electronic sound-producing devices must be no louder than the volume of 103dBC.

  21. Patrons will be politely asked to leave if the Covid-19 protocol is not practiced properly and adhered accordingly after two verbal warnings have been given.

  22. A 10-minute briefing is to be conducted before the business is opened for the daily operation to ensure all staff members are on the same page about the Covid-19 protocol.

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